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Keep Social & Carry On!

Content. Engagement. Conversation.  Listening.

Personalized social media positioning where we treat your social media and content like royalty.  Socialty creates content that spurs engagement and conversation with your customers.  We're fantastic listeners!  

Socialty was founded on the basis of quality online interactions with users.  We believe that your brand shouldn't be excluded.  Your online voice reflects who you are and what you want to say.  

Coming from a recruiting and human resources background, I want to build a company that our clients can believe in and trust.  I want to make sure that your brand is well connected to your audience and that the relationship can never be broken.  

-Marina Christos, Owner


Meet Us

 Marina Christos, Founder, Head Wordsmith

Marina Christos, Founder, Head Wordsmith

Marina graduated with her bachelors in English-Writing and Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She spent most of her professional career at a major telecom company working in the human resources and recruiting field.

In 2011, Marina started Socialty and hasn't looked back.  She put to use her flair for writing to benefit her clients and Twitter's 140 character limit.  She believes that when you are given limits you can use them to be really interesting and profound.