100 Things builds interactive picture book and matching game apps for children.  In February of 2013, Socialty partnered with 100 Things to establish their online presence, advertise their brand and promote the release of new apps.  With the use of Twitter, Socialty has helped 100 Things launch 13 apps and one book that is available on Amazon.com.

100 Things core value of promoting social responsibility around in-app purchases and ads became a key focus of their online presence.  By participating in G+ communities with like minded developers and establishing relationships with mommy bloggers, 100 Things spearheaded a movement to prevent inappropriate ads from appearing in children's apps and restrict a childs ability to unintentionally make in-app purchases.


 Social Media:

            Launched and Managed:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+ Page
  • Google+ Community
  • Blog posts
  • App Promotion Video Production


  • Blogger outreach and relationship management
  • App review solicitation

Website Content:

  • Created webpage that highlights 100 Things App reviews from other websites
  • Created webpages that highlight different apps


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