Congrats!  You’ve gotten an interview, but it’s a video interview.  Bleh…  How do you even prepare to get ready for an interview over a web camera?  There are a couple of things that you can do to get yourself camera ready for the interview before the interview.  Prepare yourself.  Duh!  Not only do you have to prepare yourself mentally, you have to prepare physically.  Don’t just get dressed from the waist up, dress yourself from head to toe, you never know if you might have to stand during the video call.  Also, if you look good you feel good.  There’s a saying that says, “dress for the job you want,not the job you have.”  I always dress for what I want and not what I have.  Now that you look good, make sure that your surroundings look good too.  Open up your web camera and take a look at your backdrop.  Is the floor clean? Is your desk tidy?  Is that window in the background letting in too much light and drowning you in darkness?  Make sure the area in the frame of the webcam is clean and looking good.  Be a cheater!  Being on web cam has some sneaky advantages.  Make notes of potential interview questions and answers and have them laid out in front of you.  In fact, if you’ve prepared for your interview, you’ll have done your research on the company you’re talking to, so have those notes in front of you as well.  Don’t be afraid to refer to those notes during your interview. The person or persons on the other end doesn’t know what you’re looking at, so take advantage of the situation.Finally, fire back.  Don’t be the only one answering the difficult questions.  Fire back with thoughtful and creative questions about the job and the company you’re looking to join.  What do their employees say about their jobs on Twitter, Facebook?Don’t just be interviewed, do some interviewing yourself.  Make sure the company is the right fit for you and your personality.