I love keeping up with the modern working world.  As I sit here and write this blog from my swanky co-working space in Chicago, I think about what the modern career path is morphing into.  Careers are becoming fluid, companies are recognizing that they have to change they way they employ and develop their employees. It allows the employer and employee the freedom to be completely transparent with one another about their professional goals. Imagine that you go to work with clearly defined objective and goals for your next 2 years of employment.  After your 2 years are up, you can either sign up for another 2 years or take your new experience to the next company.I recently read an article by Reid Hoffman called, Tours of Duty: How to OrganizeModern Employment. Reid talks about “the tour of duty is away of choreographing the progressive commitments that form the alliance between company and employee.”  

The Employee
What does the employee get out of it?  

  • Predictability – The predictability of working in on clearly defined goals and objectives for a specified period of time.
  • Flexibility – Working on different projects in a flexible work environment.
  • Networking – Working in different facets of business opens you up to meeting some great people and connections.  You’ll open up and improve your network of connections greatly.
  • Skills – Who doesn’t love learning a new set of skills every few months or so. Working in a constant state of development and learning new skills sets up the employee for greater employability in the future.
  • Experience – Gain valuable work experience performing a variety of tasks.

The Employer
What does the employer get out of it?

  • Trust – Trust in employees because they’re putting in the time and learning about you and your company performing a variety of jobs and tasks.
  • Better Talent – Attract and retain better talent with a fluid career flow.
  • Progressive Employment Model – People want to working in a progressive
  • environment and set their own course for success.
  • New Products – With better talent and career flow your employees with build new products to increase revenue.
  • New Customers – New products bring new customers.  Enough Said.
  • Increase in Profits – This is self-explanatory.

I can’t think of a better way to work and a better win-win situation; the employee and employer building a relationship of trust and transparency.  The new way to unwork!  What do you think about what I’ve pointed out?