Should your next hire be an entrepreneur?  You do, if you're a fast moving startup. An entrepreneur, ideally, is someone who is an independent thinker, decision maker and has are sourceful spirit.

It’s Not About the Details
It’s about the bigger picture.  Entrepreneurs care very little about the job titles, daily responsibilities and job descriptions.  They’re more concerned about the how and why of the job.  They want to know that the company’s principles align with their principles.  They want to know how things work when it comes to leadership, finance, management, operations, engineering and marketing.  This goes back to the Tour of Duty career path.  They key to reduce churn and keep employees in their jobs longer is to put them on a path where they change job every 2-3 years within the company.  This keeps the employee interested and challenged.

Be Ambiguous
We’ve talked about being ambiguous before and how to clearly define what you need and expect.  However, when it comes to the entrepreneur the thrill of the unexpected is likes hooting fish in a barrel.  Bringing a product to market in a state of uncertainty is a mouth-watering proposition for an entrepreneur.  This gives them the opportunity to forge their own path within your company structure.

It’s a Race
Entrepreneurs will move faster than you or anyone else in your company.  They love new product ideas, gadgets, opportunities and solutions.  They have a thirst for what’s new and they’ll move quickly to make new things happen.  Entrepreneurs get sh*t done and they’ll use any means to make a vision come to fruition.So, what’s it all mean?  Hiring an entrepreneur is like being on a fast moving train.  There’s only one track and it’s the fastest route to your final destination.  

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