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Twitter has emerged as a great way to communicate with large amounts of people. Many businesses have benefitted from Twitter’s ability to directly reach their consumers and potential clients. It is now used by virtually all major companies and can also be a great way for small businesses to gain publicity. Most of the companies, large and small, don’t realize that they’re missing out on a huge tool Twitter can offer them.

Great employees make great companies. Young businesses often struggle to attract talented, eager candidates. Most strategists fail to realize the full potential of Twitter. It’s not just a tool for reaching your consumers, but also as a way to reach potential high caliber employees.

Most small businesses do fairly little in terms of marketing themselves to the work force. This marketing usually consists of a few job board posts and a LinkedIn page, both of which cater to workers that are seeking employment. The best way to find high quality job candidates is not to look for unemployed workers, but to attract those already in positions, passive candidates.

Quality Content

There are a couple of key steps you can take on Twitter to start appealing to an employee base. The most important thing is to offer quality content. While this is important for Twitter posts regardless of their intentions, it is exceptionally important to demonstrate to candidates the quality of work your business produces.

Work Environment

Work environment is another big factor you should try to incorporate. What is life like for your employees? What benefits are your workers offered that makes your company different than your competitors? You can do this through employee profiles, office photos, and even simple everyday improvements. Got a new snack bar? Tweet a picture of it. Let people know that you care about your employees and that they are treated well.

Show Interest

Show your interest. Seek out people you would like to see join your team and follow them. Let them know that they are on your radar and give them the opportunity to follow you back and become exposed to your content.

These tactics might seem like they could take away from your initial marketing strategies targeting potential customers, however, consumers tend to favor companies that treat their employees well. So it’s a win-win, really, you are giving a personal flair to your brand while getting potential employees interested in working for you.

Stay Connected

As always, it’s essential to stay connected. If a candidate has a question about a position, or the company in general, responding to them in a timely manner is crucial. Show that you aren’t just a schedule of tweets, but real people that care about the candidates.

If you choose to be creative, Twitter can be a highly useful tool in many ways.  By appealing to both consumers and employees you can strengthen your company brand.

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