Last week we posted part one of a two-part series about making your business shine on social media.  Well, here's part two...  Let's get to it!



We’ve established that Facebook is the go-to social media outlet and millennials flock to Instagram on a daily basis, but what about Twitter and LinkedIn and YouTube, and, and…And just like your 401(k), you need to diversify your social media strategy, especially when it comes to attracting recruits.

Different demographic sets use different social media networks. If you’re looking to recruit someone with 15+ years experience, get involved on LinkedIn. Different industries and professions use social media differently too. In the search for your next food photographer, Pinterest or Instagram is the best place to look. 

Know your social media networks, who’s using them, your recruiting needs, and get involved accordingly. Most companies have accounts with the top four: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Create a LinkedIn company page

From a business standpoint, LinkedIn is a no-brainer, although many companies don’t use it to the fullest extent. As a business owner you’re familiar with cross-referencing a recruit’s credentials on LinkedIn, but it’s more than just a preliminary screening tool. 

With a LinkedIn profile, your company can become part of the rich network of businesses that share content, engage with people in the same industry, and social spy on possible recruits through your connections 2nd and 3rd connections.

OK, that last part might sound a little invasive, but it is a direct benefit of having a LinkedIn company page with connections. You can also post jobs, recruit, and advertise with social media’s third largest user base.

Integrate social media with everything you do

Let’s face it, today’s recruits are social media savvy. They’re on multiple networks, at various times in the day, spending approximately three hours in the social sphere. Recruits expect you to be as socially savvy as they are, so show them you are.

Integrate social media with everything you do: Traditional advertising, PR campaigns, internal communications, and recruiting. Remember top talent loves consistency, so driving that same message from your ROP to Facebook to Twitter makes your company look great.  

Create a hashtag and use it

socialty hashtags.jpg

Some people love them. Some people hate them. No matter what your feelings are about them, hashtags are this century’s jingle. 

The purpose of hashtags is to help group and search for content in social media. If you use a common hashtag like #marketingjobs, your post has a greater chance of being displayed in a recruit’s twitter feed (providing they’re searching for that hashtag). And that’s good. Expanding your top talent pool is the overall goal and using #marketingjobs just made it easier for them to find you.

Hire full-time or dedicated social media help

Harp. Harp. Harp. Consistency. Consistency. Harp more. I’ve mentioned consistency in nearly every one of these 10 things. There’s a reason; consistency is key to engaging and attracting top talent. The best way to be consistent is to ensure your social messages all have the same tone or voice. And the best way to drive consistency is to hire or appoint full-time help.

Lest you think your new social media manager will spend the day idly way taking BuzzFeed quizzes, note that almost every social media network has downloadable metrics to measure engagement and reach, so you can set goals to be sure your social media recruiting objectives are met.

Upping your company’s social media game is crucial in today’s job market. Make yourself stand out as a leading employer by creating a solid, consistent social media strategy and you’ll be recruiting top talent in no time.

About Socialty:

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