Yes, You Can Attract And Keep Millennials

Today, millennials make up 34% of the workforce, and, by 2020, they will make up nearly half. But this isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. While millennials appear impetuous, they are merely being under-stimulated and mishandled. They want to work, but they are hungry for meaningful work. You can bring that hunger to work in your business.

Millennials want their work to be meaningful.

The Intelligence Group has performed studies indicating that 64% of millennials want their work to make the world a better place. A brand image or corporate mission aiming to advance mankind or serve others will attract millennials to your business for the long-term. 

Don’t think that applies to your business? If you make vacuum cleaners, for instance, you are helping people keep their homes healthy so that they too are in the best shape to better the world. Alternatively, you could incorporate charitable giving and deeds into your management techniques and brand image. A team-building event at a local charity would do wonders for employee engagement.

Millennials want to be change-makers.

According to CreativeLive’s Creative Jobs Report, 36% of millennials would leave their current job to pursue a more creative one, and 29% of millennials would take a pay cut to do it. If you combine that with The Intelligence Group’s report that 79% of millennials want their boss to be a coach or mentor, you see that young employees want to be allowed and encouraged to be important assets. 

You could do this by asking employees for input when making changes. Give employees time to offer their creative ideas in meetings and make use of their ideas as much as possible. Try to allow room for their unique interests and talents to influence your business.

Millennials want to offer their best work.

The Intelligence Group report proves that 74% want more flexible schedules and 88% are in favor of work-life integration. This is excellent for your business, because an employee can better manage their responsibilities, stress-level, and health when given more flexibility. A healthier and less-burdened employee will be able to work harder and more efficiently. They will have sharper brains, more energy, and more enthusiasm. They need the fuel to come up with those innovative ideas and play an important part in the success of your business.

There are programs where the business designates hours that are required, while pockets of time are open to change by the employee. You could also offer programs that employees could choose from such as working extra hours each day and working fewer days a week, or vice versa. You design plans that work for you and let the employee choose between those to suit their lifestyles.

At first, the qualities of millennials listed above sound like they will hinder your business, but only because it is not what business is used to. It is the future. Encourage employees in their desire to be more than hands, feet, and figures. They have talents and unique assets that will benefit your business, if you make use of it.

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