5 Ways to get your Dream Job using Social Media

No matter how good you think you are at something, someday someone will prove you wrong. This is particularly true when it comes to finding a job. You may possess expertise in a particular field, but someone will definitely be better at it than you. And that someone has a higher chance of landing that dream job that you crave for yourself.

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How can you stop that from happening? Using unfair/illegal means is definitely not the solution! The key lies in standing out, making your profile more impressive than your competitor’s, and keeping up to date. Here are the five simple ways in which you can use social media to do that:

1. Complete Your Profile
As more and more job recruiters are using their social media outlets for job recruiting, you are at a disadvantage if you’re not technologically up-to-date. So, log on to your LinkedIn account and update your resume. Share your latest academic qualifications, professional experiences, and how you can be an asset for your potential employers. Do not procrastinate!

Try to make your social media profile impressive. State your mission statement and target industry clearly. Remember, your job recruiters will check your profile. So keep your Facebook profile clean and professional. Un-tag yourself from any embarrassing high school photos, and adjust your privacy settings in a way that every picture you are tagged in cannot be displayed on your wall without your permission!

2. Use Your Connections
You may have a few friends on your Facebook or Twitter who are currently employed at an organization where you seek employment too. Get in touch with those friends. Keep them updated with your achievements. Try to convince them on what you can offer to their organization. Use your PR skills to convince them to refer you to their company, if they have an employee referral program.

3. Explore Employment Opportunities
Almost all large scale and small scale businesses use their social media accounts to announce their events, industry performance, and new job openings. If you want to keep yourself well aware and updated of all employment opportunities, follow these social media accounts carefully. Be on a lookout for all job openings. Be the first one to apply and stay ahead of your competitors!

4. Stay Up to Date
Go through those performance reports, market trend analysis, and other (boring) material posted by organizations on their social media pages. As uninteresting as that sounds, the more you know about your company, the better prepared you will be for the interview. 

If you go are being interviewed for a position at the marketing department and you compliment the organization on their “market share acquisition proposal for product launch in developing countries” (as published on their company webpage) and give them your feedback on it, imagine how impressed your interviewers will be!

Next thing you know, you’re sitting in your own cubicle/cabin and enjoying all the employment perks! However, it is a dangerous game to play so you should do your research and should really know what you are talking about instead of just regurgitating what’s written in the company’s most recent PR.

5. Network
Social media helps you in making your presence known. Landing your dream job isn’t enough. Retaining it and moving up the organizational hierarchy is equally important. This is where not only your work counts, but your PR skills come in handy too.

Having a dominant cyberspace existence with friendly, yet professional, profile will certainly get you in the “good books” of your employer, as well as, their clients and stakeholders.

So log on to all your social media accounts, update your information, and get started on your job search right away, before that “someone” gets ahead of you!

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